About us

Vision: Our vision is to be a cleaning company associated with warm and positive feelings and we strive to bring a smile to our customers faces.

Modern life is becoming increasingly dynamic with many commitments and chores pressuring at any given time. The line between work time and home time is getting more and more blurry, we are always connected, online and behind schedule. There is no reason to let home cleaning steal even more of your precious free time, we at Cloverhome are here to handle this part with shining results. Save time and headache, let the professionals do your cleaning – we give better and more consistent results without you having to lift a finger.

The Cloverhome team has undergone a comprehensive training that corresponds to at least Level 3 of the professional cleaning standard (Kutsestandard, Estonian standard for cleaning professionals). The training ensures our team is able to correctly:

  • Determine the need and scope of cleaning
  • Choose and apply cleaning supplies and machinery
  • Choose and dosage detergents
  • Perform the various cleaning services applicable

Our values:

  • We enjoy our work
  • We arrive on time
  • We finish what has been started
  • Our service is result-oriented
  • Through cleaning improve our customer`s life quality
  • We value long-term customer relationships
  • Customer satisfaction is a key driver for us
  • We are friendly and caring
  • We are engaged in self-development, by improving our knowledge and skills


Our service includes professional cleaning supplies and detergents.