Office cleaning

What do we commonly clean during a regular cleaning visit:

  • Wiping dust from where possible
  • Cleaning of surfaces that are frequently used (door handles, switches)
  • Cleaning of kitchen work surfaces, sink and the exterior of the kitchen appliances
  • Vacuuming of carpets
  • Wiping floor with a lightly wet mop
  • Bathroom/toilet cleaning
  • Cleaning of mirrors and glass surfaces from finger prints and similar (excluding windows)
  • Emptying trash bins (change of trash bag if needed
  • Some surfaces/items are cleaned when deemed dirty (less frequently) but cleaning still made at least once per month (for example wiping dust from skirting boards, cleaning shower trays, removal of the limestone/scale from the bathroom walls, wiping dust from surfaces high up etc

The frequency of the regular cleaning will be agreed together with the client. It depends on many parameters, such as the frequency of the use of the premises, the wished level of cleanliness, the season.

In addition to regular cleaning we also provide some extra services: cleaning of the kitchen furniture, refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine etc from the inside, at an agreed interval.

We also offer just one-time office space cleaning. If otherwise office people are handling office cleaning themselves, then occasionally we recommend to call in professionals who will make all the surfaces shine!

When will the regular cleaning be made? The exact day and time will be agreed in advance. We can use a noise-free vacuum cleaner if needed so not to disturb office workers during work-hour cleaning.

To get a quote, we need to visit your office. Usually a visit does not take more than 30 minutes! Submit your inquiry through the Contact form and we will get back to you –

We are flexible and try to fulfil your wishes on a needs basis!